Other Bike Position Fouls

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Besides drafting, are there other bike position violations ?

Other Bike Position Fouls

In addition to drafting, there are several additional bike position fouls that could draw a penalty from race officials. These violations are regarding blocking, position, and being overtaken. Blocking occurs when a cyclist obstructs the progress of another rider. This might happen in a failed attempt to pass another rider, which leaves you in the middle of the road and riding side by side with the rider you intended to pass. If a cyclist then rides up behind you wanting to pass both of you but cannot, you are in danger of blocking. In this instance, the main responsibility for avoiding a position foul is left up to the rider in the rear. It is best not to attempt passing another rider unless ample space is available and you are confident in your ability to successfully make the pass. Cyclists are to position themselves on the right hand side of the road, unless making a pass, which is done to the left. It is common to hear the phrase “on your left” as a rider behind you moves into your draft zone and makes the pass around you. The overtaken rider now bears the responsibility of dropping back out of the draft zone, before trying to pass again. Any violations of these rules results in a time penalty, and for repeat offenders possible disqualification could occur.



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