Mount/Dismount Line

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Where do I get on an off of my bike?

Mount/Dismount Line

The mount/dismount line is located in the transition area and indicates where you are to get on and off your bike. As you come in from the swim and transition to cycling you will walk/run your bike to the mount line. Not only is it unsafe, but it is also illegal to mount your bike before reaching this line. You should push your bike past the line a few feet before mounting, as this area is very congested. Upon returning into transition you need to dismount your bike before getting to this line. To dismount safely, slow down and be in control of your bike. Riding into transition out of control dramatically increases the likelihood of being in or causing an accident. You should practice mounting and dismounting your bike prior to the race, especially if your bike handling skill needs improvement. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a bike wreck while riding into transition.



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