Mental Imagery

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What is mental imagery?

Mental Imagery

In a triathlon, much of the focus is on physical training. The truth is that most athletes have the physical preparation needed to complete their goal event. However, it's the lack of mental preparation which leads to suboptimal performance on race day. One way to train the mind is through mental imagery. Mental imagery, often referred to as visualization, is the practice of mentally rehearsing your actual race experience. For your goal race, try to mentally put yourself on various parts of the race course. If the race has a particularly challenging bike section with hills, see yourself powerfully climbing the hills. You can also practice imagery during training by pretending the hill you are climbing on the bike is the one you'll have to climb in your key race. Other examples of visualization may include swimming in the ocean or running in the heat. Try using imagery several times per week to mentally prepare for your upcoming event.



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