Should I Hire A Coach?

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Why hire a coach?

Should I Hire A Coach?

Many triathletes are self-coached, meaning they either plan their own workouts or use an existing training plan from a book or website. Self-coached athletes can be very successful, but another option becoming more popular among very busy individuals is to hire a coach. A triathlon coach can be beneficial to athletes who do not have the time, or aren't interested in investing the time needed to develop a training plan. In addition to scheduling workouts, a coach can help you improve or correct technique problems, decrease the risk of overtraining, offer objective feedback on your training and race performance, and keep you on track to achieving your long-term goals. A coach takes the guess work out of training and lets you focus on the fun aspects of the triathlon, training and racing.

Also, one final advantage of hiring a professional triathlon coach is that it allows you to spend more time with family and on other hobbies.



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