Enlisting Support

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What is the importance of family support?

Enlisting Support

The triathlon is a solo sport; however, realize that you can't do it alone. You must first get family support because triathlon(ing) is a very time consuming and expensive hobby. If loved ones are not on board with your pursuits, then it may be more difficult to accomplish your goals. Sit down with family and discuss how much time and money you can afford to devote to a triathlon. Family support means more than being there to see you cross the finish line. Support includes all of the little things, such as words of encouragement, doing extra chores around the house in your absence, or being available to pick you up if you have a flat tire on your bike 20 miles from home. As a reward for your family's support, one idea is to schedule a race or two in vacation spots so that they get to have a mini vacation while you complete your race. It's a win-win situation.

Friends should also be recruited as allies assisting you in achieve your goals. Friends can be recruited as training partners. If you have friends that swim, bike or run, they can help keep you on track towards your goal. For example, if you have a hard workout planned in which you plan to swim, bike and run, invite a friend who enjoys running to meet you at a designated location to motivate you during your run. You may be tired, seeing a friendly face will add a little spring in your step. Including family and friends in your triathlon journey can be very rewarding and can create many wonderful memories that will last a life time.



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