Dealing with Setbacks

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How do I handle setbacks?

Dealing with Setbacks

Even the best athletes experience setbacks from time to time. Realize that it is out of your control and don't let it get you down. In the grand scheme of things, setbacks are minor bumps in the road. Look to the future. Make plans to resume your training when the issue is resolved. Whether the setback is personal or health-related, see this as an opportunity to persevere. If your setback is an injury, one option might be to train in the other sports until the injury improves. One of the greatest benefits of the triathlon is that cross-training is a must! If you injure your shoulder, for example, it might be possible to continue cycling and running for a couple of weeks until your shoulder heals, allowing you to get back in the pool. Attempt to maintain your aerobic fitness with the other sports and follow the appropriate recovery and rehabilitation process. Also, if you are less active than normal, be conscious of your food intake to prevent weight gain during the layoff. Keep a positive attitude and you'll be back to 100% before you know it.



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