Keeping a Workout Log

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What needs to be recorded in my workout log?

Keeping a Workout Log

One helpful method of monitoring your triathlon progress is by keeping a workout log. A detailed training log not only lets you know if goals are being met but also indicates when adjustments need to be made to your training schedule. It should only take a few minutes each day to log workouts, but the benefits are tremendous. Basic record keeping of your workouts each day should consist of distance, intensity and workout time. Other important parameters often logged are weather conditions, morning resting heart rate, weight, sleep, and general comments about the workout (tired, sore, etc…). You may also want to rate on a scale from 1-10 how the workout felt. Several popular strategies used to track workouts include: (1) writing down information into a notebook, (2) using a computer program such as Microsoft Excel, and (3) on-line record keeping utilizing various triathlon/fitness websites. Each of these logging techniques has strengths and weaknesses. To ensure consistent record keeping, use the method that you are most comfortable with and is most convenient for you.



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